Rather than fostering dependency on my expertise and services, my purpose is to empower you over the consulting period. I will equip you with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for healthy, sustained performance.

  What I offer:

  • Men’s health consultation
  • 12 week online consultation, inclusive of an individualised nutrition and training programme. You can anticipate significant body composition and strength gains during this 3 months. Concerns regarding injury management and risk reduction will also be addressed if applicable.
  • Powerlifting specific coaching and programming for the entire spectrum of lifters, wanting to transcend to another level.
  • In person strength coaching with an emphasis on compound barbell and bodyweight movements. This package necessitates a minimum of 5 sessions to study each key movement scrupulously.
  • Physiotherapy initial consultation (60 minutes). After a thorough subjective dialogue and physical assessment to ascertain the core problem(s), a medium to long term plan will be administered.
  • Physiotherapy subsequent consultation (30 minutes)

*After receiving your initial inquiry and a series of screening questions I will determine whether or not our expectations align. As such, I may refer you on to a different professional whom I deem more appropriate.